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Instead of moving away from the body image obsession in our culture, as some predicted, we seem to be immersing ourselves in it even more fully. How many ads do you see on a weekly basis for companies that charge outrageous sums for weight loss supplements, personal weight loss counsellors, and pre-packaged food sent to your door to “melt away those pounds”?  

I remain obstinate about my weight – although it’s not ideal, I have no problems breathing, no joint pain, and no chafing. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are well within a healthy range.  

I have only one set of clothes, my semi-chubby clothes, not two or three sets for fluctuating body weights.  

Many women are in the same boat, not exactly overjoyed about their appearance, but not obsessed with changing it, either.  

I present here for male readers a list of 10 advantages to being married to or partnered with a larger-size woman. I realize these are general and don’t apply to all men with Rubenesque companions, but they are based on what I see as bonuses for my own partner, and possibly many other men.  

1. The cupboards and fridge contain real food. If you want a sandwich, there is thick-sliced bread, real mayonnaise, butter if you desire, and cold roast beef. Cheese, too, if you want it, and big ripe tomatoes, which God forbid, you can put into a BLT if you like. For dessert, you can forage for ice cream or rhubarb cobbler or both.  

2. If you get stuck in the snow on the driveway, you can stay behind the wheel while I push you out. If we get a third person to steer, you and I together can probably hoist an Expedition out of a snowdrift.   

3. Again on the topic of winter, sitting or lying next to me will warm you up instead of making you feel that you’re snuggling with a tangle of coat hangers.  

4. I will sit and watch hockey with you and maybe even have a beer instead of rushing off to spinning class or hogging the T.V. to watch a DVD of “Work Out Until You Throw Up” and even make you feel guilty for not participating.  

5. I don’t spend a fortune on clothes that make me look like an aging Miley Cyrus.  

6. Because I enjoy eating, I will cook hearty stews, soups, and dishes with real meat and sauce. I consider it a compliment if you take a second helping. And I don’t sit by miserably nibbling a lettuce leaf while you dig in.   

7. I am not unaware that the human body needs exercise, so I will usually volunteer to walk the dog.  

8. Instead of confining my reading to motivational texts on exercise and weight loss, I am interested in politics, human psychology, other cultures, ecology, and current events. Therefore, our conversations are frequent and lively. I have no illusions that my perfectly toned body exonerates me from developing a personality.   

9. Our house will never host a Nazi-like personal trainer so that you have to flee to a buddy’s for a couple of hours.    

10. And finally, if your luggage gets lost when we go on holiday, I will probably have some unisex T-shirts and shorts you can borrow!

As I say, these are not all points that apply universally; I know there are shallow, neurotic chunky women out there, and nice well-adjusted fit women. But hey, guys, some of these points may be worth considering.  

I hope this isn’t a dehumanizing analogy, but aren’t there reasons you chose that SUV or pick-up over the tiny two-seater sports car?     

You can reach Barb at barb-wright@hotmail.com.


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Wow, life is really challenging lately, isn’t it? Reports of violence, war, and of course the oil spill now seem to test our faith, our belief in each other, and our religious faith if we have one.     

I can hardly watch the news right now and still jump up to finish the dishes during the commercials because there’s such a lot of mayhem out there. (Actually there can be a lot of disorder in the kitchen as well! So maybe it’s just the housework that is the problem.)  

Anyway, my simple-minded idea is, maybe if we’re kind to the gal at the convenience store and the guy at the gas station, because there are a lot of nice people in this world, we can at least not take part in this hostility. So many people go to work, try to do their best, and then sometimes take flak from people who are just wa-ay stressed.    

Gosh knows I’m capable of picking an argument with my partner because someone in traffic upset me, but that ain’t fair. So I’m familiar with the impulse to strike out because you’re upset about life in general. I’m not proud of that; nobody should be.  

We’re all worried about the problem in the Gulf; jeepers, I don’t know whose fault it is, but I feel really horrible when I see the TV coverage. This debate and this damage will apparently go on for years.

It’s so disturbing, but let’s not forget that there are people who are up at dawn every day trying to repair this damage to the environment. What’s more important – whose fault it is, or who’s suffering?  

Or maybe the important thing is, who’s helping?

Betty White (you remember “Mary Tyler Moore” and “Golden Girls”) has been on talk shows lately because of a sudden resurgence in popularity. Amazing woman. She’s lived to 88 years and is still sharp as a tack. I think she has the right attitude from what I’ve seen. Do your best to care about all living creatures, laugh when you can, and treat others with respect. 

She’s not just a showbiz person; she’s worked for 45 years in animal rights groups. She’s lived through a couple of wars. She’s dealt with tragedy, of course, but it just struck me that this world might be a kinder place if  we would all emulate this grand old gal in her acceptance, humour, and gentility.  

Let’s not let the bad stuff win, darn it!  

Let’s at least go with “kind” in our day-to-day dealings; let’s go with “Hi, how are you?” and then actually listen to the answers we hear. Maybe we can help.

You can reach Barb by email at barb-wright@hotmail.com

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