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Hello everyone. They call me Hutch and I’m getting used to having a special name all to myself! 

I was rescued from a hard life up north by a lady who was doing some temporary work up there. She noticed  I was limping and she made friends with me and brought me home. 

NASAP agreed to bring me into care and so off I went to the vet clinic to have my leg x-rayed. That’s how they found out what I already knew, that somebody had shot me with a rifle and broken my thigh bone right in half. Pieces of the bullet fragments were still in my leg too. 

Unfortunately, the leg could not be saved and so now I am a three-legged dog and doing very nicely, thank you. I had my leg amputated a few days ago and in two weeks’ time the staples will be taken out and I will be looking for a new home. I am loving living with my foster family but I know I can’t stay there forever. I am looking for a new family that will love me and let me become part of the household and hang out with them and keep them company.

I am housetrained and I will go in a crate with no problem if I have to. In my foster home, I sleep in my crate at night time. During the day, I doze on the deck or on the sofa (yes they are kinda spoiling me!) and I get along with everyone. I’m living with a cat and three other dogs right now and we all get along famously. I would like a fairly calm new home where I will be allowed to take my time getting used to new situations. I have learned not to be scared on a leash and now enjoy going for short walks. 

Once I’m completely healed I will be just as fast and agile as any other dog. I’m not keen on being taken places by my collar and so my foster mom has to sometimes pick me up and carry me places! I’m not very heavy so that is not a problem but, as you can see, sometimes a bit of patience is required to deal with me.

I have spent my life up till now pretty much taking care of myself and it is so nice to have breakfast put in front of me every morning and kind people to make a fuss of me now and then. I am very affectionate and will put my head on your lap while you stroke my head. I love to snuggle and will cuddle up beside you on the sofa.

So, if you are looking for a quiet companion who is a little different from the rest please call NASAP at 780-922-0250. My adoption fee of $200 includes a free post-adoption health check and I have been neutered and been given my shots.

Love, HUTch xoxo


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Hi there, my name is Munch (sort for Munchkin!) and I am a six-year-old spayed female chocolate Lab looking for a new home.

I am a very good girl, housetrained and well mannered in the house. I get along fine with other dogs of any shape and size. I am very tolerant and just want somebody to love me and make a fuss of me now and then.

If you are looking for a quiet companion – someone to laze on the deck with you or sit by the fire in the wintertime, then please call about me. My adoption fee is $200 and I am spayed already and have all my shots.

You also get a free vet check for me as part of the adoption package. So if you like the look of me please call NASAP on 780-922-0250.

My foster mom Jaclyn will be happy to answer any questions you might have about me. Thankss for reading about me.

Love, Munch xoxo

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Hi everyone.

My name is Theo and I am an 11-week-old large-breed male puppy who is looking for a loving home.

I was abandoned in the country along with my six brothers and sisters.   We are all now in NASAP foster homes waiting to be adopted.

My foster Mom thinks I am part mastiff and part shepherd – whatever the mix, I will grow up to be a big handsome dog! I already weigh 20 pounds!

I am a friendly, happy puppy, well socialized and ready to be everyone’s friend. I am not scared or skittish and, even though we were abandoned, we were obviously not neglected beforehand and are used to being handled.

If you are looking for a well-adjusted puppy and are ready for him to grow into a large dog, then please call NASAP on 780-922-0250 and ask about me. I will need training of course so that I can mature into a well-mannered adult and I will need further socialization and plenty of exercise as I grow up.

My adoption fee is $300 and that covers the cost of my future neuter. The adoption package also includes a free post-adoption vet check. I have had my first shots and I have been wormed.      

So remember, the name is Theo, and I am all ready to find my new family. Just make that phone call and I could be yours to take home!

Love, Theo xoxo

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Soames is a sweet-natured, sensitive dog who was unclaimed at the Pound, having been picked up as a stray. He has spent some weeks at the Pound where everyone fell in love with his quiet, gentle, friendly personality and his happy nature. 

Soames appears to have been unkindly dealt with in the past because he is a little timid and hand shy. He has gained in confidence whilst at the Pound, having been shown kindness and affection and been taken out for walks on a leash, something he knew nothing about. 

He has been neutered and had his shots and is now enjoying his first days in his foster home. He is looking for a new home where he can feel wanted and loved. Soames does okay with other dogs but doesn’t necessarily require a canine buddy to be happy. 

If you value a dog who is the epitome of what man’s best friend should be, then please consider Soames for your new companion. He is in a NASAP foster home and his foster mom will be more than happy to tell you all about him. 

You can call 780-922-0250 and leave a message or you can go to http://www.nasap.ca and click the Adopt Me link underneath Soames’ picture.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Missy and I am a five-year-old female Chihuahua cross looking for a new home. 

I am a friendly little girl once I know you but I was rescued from a puppy mill and so I can be nervous of new people and new situations. 

I bond very quickly and very strongly with whomever is looking after me and loving me and sometimes I can be a little bit snippity with other people if they bother me while I’m being cuddled by my owner. 

I have never bitten anyone but I would not be suitable for a home with young children. 

I need a quiet environment with calm, sensible people who know about toy breeds and their needs. 

If you want a little girl to love and cuddle with then I’m for you. I will be your loyal friend forever. 

I am spayed and have all my shots. Please call NASAP at 780-922-0250 and ask about me. 

I’m longing for a forever home where I can really belong. 

Bye for now,

from Missy

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Hi everyone. 

They call me Salome, Sally for short! I ended up at the Leduc County Pound and nobody came to get me so now I’m in a NASAP foster home in Beaumont waiting for someone to notice what a great dog I am and come and give me a great new home.

My foster Mom says I’m a very good girl and she can’t understand why I was left in the Pound. Anyway, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am roughly one year old and I’m now spayed (just the other day – ouch!) and have been given my shots and wormed. I weigh 59 pounds and I am strong and fit. I can run very fast and love to play with my foster brothers and sisters (a German Shepherd and a feisty Boston Terrier) in the backyard.

I’m not out to look for trouble and if other dogs growl at me I back away.   If they want to be grumpy that’s their problem…I leave them to it.

I like to give the cat kisses and he doesn’t mind too much. I am affectionate and a real snuggler.

I’m housetrained and cratetrained and, so far, haven’t put a foot wrong in my foster home. If you are looking for a family pet who will listen and try to get things right then you won’t go far wrong with me. 

Please call NASAP at 780-922-0250 and ask about me, or you can go online to http://www.nasap.ca and click on the ‘adopt me” link underneath my picture. This will put you in touch with my foster Mom.

So maybe we’ll meet soon. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you come meet me but you’ll never know if I’m the one for you unless you do!     

Thanks for reading about me…

All the best, from Sally

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Hello everyone, my name is Lilly, and I am a six-month-old, spayed, female Rottweiler Mastiff cross who is in need of a new home.

I am a good puppy and have very good manners for a dog my age and my size. I am gentle and get along with everyone. In my foster home I’m living alongside a cat and three other dogs. I would love to play with the big German Shepherd but he isn’t really interested in a young pup like me!

Luckily, the little Boston loves to romp around the yard with me and play tug-o-war with the rope toys, so I’m not bored and it’s really a lot of fun here.

I sleep on the floor of my foster mom’s bedroom at night time, on my special bed. I will go in a crate if I have to and my foster Mom does leave me in one when she goes out. Not that I have done any damage or chewing but my foster Mom says “better safe than sorry!”

I am already a big girl – about the size of a German shepherd and I’ll get bigger yet before I’m done growing. So if you are in the market for a large, gentle dog who aims to please and who loves people, then please call NASAP at 780-922-0250 and ask about Lilly.

I am being fostering in Beaumont and you can come see me anytime and bring your kids and your other dogs and just see how we all get along! 

Thank you for reading about me and maybe we’ll meet soon…

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